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 Branded-Marketing Sales Strategy

Account-Based Marketing isn't just another marketing strategy; it's a targeted approach that aligns marketing resources with the most promising accounts to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. In the realm of sustainability, where the demand for precise and impactful solutions is increasing, ABM provides a framework to ensure that your marketing efforts resonate deeply with the needs and values of each client.

Reaching and persuading the right decision-makers requires more than generic marketing tactics; it demands a tailored approach that speaks directly to the unique challenges and goals of each potential client.


Need to have a clear understanding of what your mission and vision are. Then you can focus on what your next goals and targets.


Where your market is standing currently and where you buyers are. What does the business climate look like? What are the trends? What are the tiggers? What are the challenges?


Which best suit your current, mid-term or long-term goals, depending on which strategy you choose to deploy. The selection needs to be configured based on what you offer and whom you are offering it too. 


On your selected accounts, like buying triggers, growth, intent and more in order to know how to craft your strategy and outreach.


Your selected accounts by what you will be offering and to whom, by prioritisation of current company goals or what you will be offering in the near future, all depending on your overall strategy, vision and mission.

Create content

Which mirrors your plan of action on the steps above. This will be your main point of support when conducting your outreach.


Your branding, marketing and sales is the key to reaching your goals and having a successful campaign. 


The right contacts within, know how to approach them, with which information and data. Resolve their challenges and pain points. Build trust with your expert tone of voice, with backing data, by proving FREE knowledge and materials,  by listening more, selling less, by being consistent and cohesive. 

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approach, designed to directly talk to your ICP.


If you put your focus on something you give it more power.


and being on point with your ICP is due to your targeted approach.


in your way of outreach and communication. Have a plan in place, before they even pick up the phone.


is your new nickname. Build trust by showcasing your expertise, how you will resolve customer challenges and build relationships. Don't sell, communicate.

abm, account-based marketing, gtm, demand generation, content marketing, sales, marketing, revenue generation, revops,

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Learn more about the basics of ABM. 


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Learn more about how ABM can help you build better relationships with your customers. This guide is specifically tailored for sustainable software providers like ESG reporting tools, carbon management platforms and much more.

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